Intelligent solutions

Technological effectiveness

Our solutions enable the assessment of the technological efficiency of machines and processes based on long-term measurements and customized analytical methods. We develop statistics to evaluate the current state and trends of variables over the long term for individual machines and entire fleets.
Basic functionalities:

Transparent information

We present the collected information using easy-to-understand graphics and tables that enable quick verification.

Easy access

We provide access to data in convenient ways. We build websites with current data, prepare complex reports sent to e-mail or enable access via API.

Monitoring conditions

Diagnostic system

We provide a complete picture of the machine's technical condition enabling early detection of potential failures.

Situation assessment

We integrate signals from sensors, controllers and peripherals to precisely picture machine activity.

Contextual diagnostics

We evaluate the status of strategic parameters based on the context of machine activity and environmental conditions. As a result, we spot even minor deviations from the norm under changing conditions.

Possible failure warning

We track changes in the efficiency of processes, machines and components to track wear progress.

Warning or alert

Depending on the intensity of changes in sensitive indicators, we warn of a potential problem or alert of a critical situation.

Helping you plan

We warn of potential breakdowns and provide valuable time to schedule service. We build rankings of machines conditions in the fleet, which allows for scheduling faster maintenance of machines that require intervention.

Extending functionality

Due to a wide range of interfaces and the ability to process data both locally (on-board) and in the cloud, we extend the functionality of original machine control systems. We integrate signals from peripheral devices (e.g. weighing systems, central greasing systems, etc.), vision systems with image recognition capabilities, or ERP systems. We automatically parameterize machines in real-time to activate a selected function, optimize a process or protect against a detected failure.

Vision system

We use cameras to extend the scope of the machine monitoring and to support it in the ongoing process.

External interface

We enable secure communication of the machine with auxiliary equipment (e.g. weighing and time monitoring systems) and a remote configuration of the data exchange scope.

Confirmed service

We monitor service activities on the machine. We verify service technicians' visits, track the correct execution of procedures, and confirm the used parts' originality.

Remote access

We provide solutions enabling remote access to the main control system and additional equipment.

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