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The CC Veex team was established in 2019 as a result of research work on the diagnostic methodologies of mobile machines. Our team has many years of engineering experience, continued education through prestigious universities, a continuous thirst for the most current information , and participates in many projects. This has allowed us to maintain the highest level of competence in our field. Our passion and continued striving for excellence in monitoring the technical condition of mechanical devices has allowed us to successfuly develop efficient commercial solutions.


Jacek Czyżewicz

Machine design leader

Oskar Wysocki

AI and analytics leader

Piotr Frydrychowicz

Core IoT solutions

Without a doubt, Piotr is a man who is known for his actions, not just words. After graduating from the University of Technology in Gdańsk, he started developing the family business.

He has been developing new products and services for over 20 years. During this time, he expanded his team reaching numbers close to 50 people, creating one of the best companies that deals with data collection. XTrack OEMs is considered one of their greatest achievements. It is a flexible, machine-integrated, OEM-focused data collection system. At CCVeex, he is an expert in IOT solutions, thus increasing the scope of our competences.

He willingly shares the company’s progress on his LinkedIn; link provided below.

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